Completed Projects 

Below are some examples of work we have completed. All of these projects are installed and functional. Before each job is shipped, it is extensively tested in our manufacturing facility.


Beko Membrane Technologies, Oregon 
Custom Extrusion System 2008

Design build new hollow core fiber production line including dual head extrusion system, rinsing basins, air dryer system, and precision spool winding station. POA used Allen Bradley Micrologix 1100 Ethernet processors to allow the machine to be built in sections and with controls integrated via a single Ethernet network. The machine incorporates temperature, pressure, flow, level, speed, and position controls. RS View 32 provides user interface, data acquisition, and generates production reports.  

City of Sisters, Oregon
Water Distribution SCADA and Telemetry System 2006

Provided city wide upgrade to the fresh water distribution Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition system. POA employed Allen Bradley Micrologic 1200 PLC with Esteem radio modems at 3 well sites, one reservoir, and one base station. The existing Wonderware Intouch system was upgraded. Each well site is monitored for flow and general alarm conditions.


City of Burns, Oregon
Wastewater System Upgrades 2005

Provided PLC based control system for joint storage lagoon and 3 irrigation pivots. Includes CL2 injection in irrigation system. Monitor and control 7 Siemens Mag flow meters and Ultrasonic Flow measurement at the head gate wier. Integrated new controls system with existing RS View 32 SCADA system at public works office.

Bend Research
Powder Drying System

Bend Research PPD control system for powder drying process.  The system utilizes a PLC and touch screen to implement the batch control functions.  Controlled parameters include variable frequency drives for speed control, temperature, pressure, gas flow rate, relative humidity and oxygen concentration.  The software has been validated with assistance from POA.  The software has been developed under POA’s software development life cycle which is modeled after the GaMP guide.  Deliverable documents included a Project Plan, Functional Specification, Software Design Specification, Software Module Testing, Site Acceptance Test, as built P+ID and electrical drawings, complete Operation and Maintenance manual.  POA was contracted to integrate mechanical equipment purchased from Germany with the control system, instrumentation, and building utilities.

Bend Research
Facilities Monitoring

Facilities monitoring system.  The system monitors production suites for high levels of VOC and low levels of oxygen and provide evacuation alarms and automatic equipment shutdown if required.  The system utilizes an Allen Bradley SLC500 with several remote IO racks distributed throughout the building.  The users interface with the system using Panel View operator interface terminals.  The users can start and stop utilities, change set points, monitor process variables, and alarm conditions.  The system controls the building fume scrubber, process water for heating and cooling, and bulk raw product distribution system.

Bend Research
Spray Dryer

Spray Dryer control system incorporating single loop temperature controllers, flow, pressure and force monitoring and alarms. This panel has a silk screen face depicting the process flow. The panel is stainless steel.  The panel is equipped with a purge and pressurized safety system for use in Class 1 Division 2 locations.

Deschutes Brewery
Keg Cleaning System

Keg Cleaning System.  The system is designed to provide cleaning and sanitization of 2 types of kegs.  We used an Allen Bradley PLC and Automation Direct touch screen for the control system.

The user selects the type of kegs to be cleaned, places the kegs on the cleaning ports, and starts the process. The control system monitors safety interlocks to ensure the kegs are placed properly, that safety doors are closed, and that the safety pressure mat is clear.
Controlled variables inlcude temperature, solution level, flow paths, motor starters and cycle times.  The system monitors the number of cycles run and prompts the user when the cleaning solutions may need recharging.

City of Bend
Water Distribution Pump

Municipal water distribution pump control.  The panel houses a 350 hp soft start with load rated bypass contactor, relays, time delays, and chart recorder.

The system interfaces with the City’s telemetry system.  When the pump is started, the control system diverts the water for 15 minutes to ensure only clean water is pumped to the reservoir.  The control system monitors pump motor failure, valve limit switches and high pressure alarms.

The chart recorder tracks the flow rate and water level in the well.

Black Butte Ranch
Well Pump Control Station

Duplex pump control system for lift station.  These units control 2 submersible pumps.  The control logic ensures the pumps are primed before starting. The lift station level is controlled from level switches. The pumps are protected from single phase operation by incorporating a phase monitor into the alarm and interlock logic.

SVE and AS Blower

LTE Denver, CO

The control system is designed to control one 10 HP SVE Blower, two 10 HP AS Compressors, a 1/2 HP exhaust blower, a 3600-watt heater, and 300 watts of 120 VAC lighting.

A remote latching XP Emergency Stop switch will be located inside the equipment enclosure.

The enclosure outer door has lockable handles.  Located on the inner swing-out door are the other system controls.  Included are: Fusible (200 Amp) Main Disconnect; Control Power (OFF/ON) switch; H O A switches for the SVE Blower, AS 1 Blower, and AS 2 Blower; and alarm reset push button. Also on the swing-out door are alarm indication lights (red) for Knockout Tank 1 high level, Knockout Tank 2 high level, SVE high temp, AS 1 high temp, AS 2 high temp, SVE Blower fail, AS 1 Blower fail, and AS 2 Blower fail.  Each blower has an hourmeter.

Each AS Blower has a 0-60 second delay after startup of the SVE Blower.  The AS Blowers will not run in “Auto” unless the SVE Blower is activated.

The system is designed to resume operation after power failure

Steve Wilhelm and Associates
Recirculating Well Control

The control system is designed to control a 2 HP submersible pump with a VFD (variable frequency drive).  The pump speed is varied by the VFD to maintain a set level in the well.  The control system includes a selector switch for control power; alarm reset push-button; red alarm lights; illuminated HOA (Hand/Off/Auto) switch for the pump and an elapsed time hour meter to record the pump run time.  The control panel provides power for a ventilator which provides ventilation in the manhole.  A Variable Rate Controller and skimmer pump is used to extract product from the well surface.  The system is designed to restart automatically after power failure and after well low-low level shutdown.  The submersible pump is interlocked with the following alarms; manhole High Level, pump High Pressure, and groundwater Low Level.  These circuits are connected to the control panel through intrinsically safe barriers which provide circuit extensions to hazardous locations.

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