About Us

Powers of Automation is located in beautiful Bend Oregon

Our values are based on family first, honesty, and business integrity.  The primary focus is to provide turnkey control systems for automated equipment while enjoying the lifestyle available in central Oregon. 

Our family first value comes from the fact that we hired the brother and wife first!   Actually, it pertains to our employees taking the time needed to ensure the family needs are met.  We encourage our staff to attend their children's school functions and to volunteer at the schools and with civic organizations.

We believe in giving back to the community and generously donate to charities for Cancer Research, Deschutes Children's Foundation, Family Access Network, MDA, and MS to name a few.  

I would like to thank our employees for the great work they do making this business successful.  I also thank our customers for their loyalty, the opportunities they bring, and the fascinating range of projects they trust us with.  Finally, our vendors deserve our appreciation for the hard work they do.


Steve Powers, ​CEO / Owner, Powers of Automation.

Our Story

Steven L. Powers founded Powers of Automation, Inc. in October 1997. Mr. Powers has over 20 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry and automation beginning with employment at Genentech Inc. in 1987. POA integrates a custom panel shop with instrumentation and calibrations services and software development to provide a complete turn-key control solution. POA maintains a mature quality program enabling us to serve the Pharmaceutical Industry.

Powers of Automation provides industrial control solutions for a wide variety of applications.  Our turn-key controls include automated manufacturing equipment, automated testing stations, municipal clean and wastewater applications, radio telemetry for remote control and monitoring.  These applications combined with calibration services provide a complete instrumentation, control, and maintenance package.


To provide high-quality control systems which increase the efficiency and effectiveness of automated systems. Our simplicity of operation and advanced maintenance tools enable our customers to fully use the “Powers of Automation” to optimize quality and productivity.

Our values are honesty, accountability, and family. We cherish the quality of life found in Central Oregon and work to maintain the high desert lifestyle.



Howard Garston Smith Software Quality Auditor, (GSAL Limited), England

“This firm is now capable of delivering validatable software with an adequate level of innate structural integrity. Its software engineering development process is based on a well-known life cycle with traceability under a quality system of adequate scope and depth, supervised by formal quality assurance. The firm’s transformation over the past year is truly remarkable.”

“You have succeeded in transforming the software capability maturity level of your company out of all recognition, and managed to grow at the same time! I can honestly say that no company I have worked with has achieved so much so quickly.”

"This firm has adopted a consistent engineering approach to software development, complementing its processes in electrical and mechanical engineering, under a formal documented quality system of adequate scope and depth and under formal quality assurance supervision. Such processes are capable of predictably delivering software that is validatable under current pharmaceutical best practices and international standards. We have discovered no fundamental weaknesses or areas of non-compliances in their quality system or their software processes."

Colby Thompson, Tomco Electric, Bend, OR

“We have found this organization a reliable resource for counsel and support with respect to control systems. Furthermore, Powers of Automation has an extensive knowledge of the National Electric Code, which has proven effective in the coordination of electrical systems and control systems.” “We would recommend Powers of Automation on special controls projects.”

Greg Kisor, Design Build Environmental, Inc., Anchorage, AK

“The remediation systems I operate in Alaska are routinely subject to harsh weather conditions. However, each and every control panel supplied by POA continues to operate year-round, trouble-free, requiring little or no maintenance. These control panels have also proven very versatile, allowing easy modifications and additions as new equipment is added to the remediation systems. What I have found that sets the POA control panels apart from others is the ease of program changes. The PLC’s are user-friendly and allow changes to most common functions without a computer interface.”

Vince Foley, Bend Research Pharmaceutical Process Development, Bend, OR

"POA is very conscientious of our calibration and software needs and the need for accurate and complete documentation. Their response to quality issues has always been met with the utmost concern to improve their systems. They are great people to work with and are very personable. I strongly recommend Powers of Automation, Inc. as a valuable member of any quality team."

Paul Stull III P.E., AMEC

"I have been using Powers of Automation for many years to provide me with custom control panels for environmental remediation and water resource systems. These panels typically come with rigorous specifications for atypical applications. We typically purchase approximately 5 to 8 panels per year and Powers of Automation has won 95% of our work over the past decade, due to superior work and competitive pricing. POA regularly suggests options to our panel specifications that are both more effective and economical. This service has enabled AMEC to modify and convert several panels easily for minimal cost when prior specifications would have required either a new panel or major retrofit and new UL inspection.

"AMEC has developed a good working relationship with POA and views them as an integral part of our overall team. When issues have arisen, POA has stood behind their work and provided exceptional support. I would recommend POA for control panel and sensor work and programming without reservation."

Roger W. Denison, Deschutes Brewery, Inc., Bend, Oregon

To most of Central Oregon, and the Pacific Northwest Deschutes Brewery is a household name. Making some of the finest beers west of the Mississippi we have made our home in Bend and perused a lifestyle many would be jealous of. In that pursuit, it has brought us in contact with a variety of cultures, people, and companies. We at Deschutes are proud of those relationships and support the success of our community. One of those relationships is with a local company, Powers of Automation.

Powers of Automation has proven themselves to be a great addition to our support team. POA has developed several control system for the brewery, written software, upgraded existing systems and worked with our own internal teams to resolve the challenges of modern business and manufacturing. I would say that POA has become an invaluable service to Deschutes Brewery and one in which we rely on heavily. I would highly recommend Powers of Automation as a solution to your controls challenges and would expect you would receive nothing but the best services from them.

Markus Mueller, BEKO Membrane Technology

Powers of Automation provides service to our business for more than 7 years. Their knowledgeable support helped us throughout the years to develop and maintain customized high-tech production equipment and allowed us to achieve a high-quality manufacturing process. Their response time is outstanding and they make every effort to accommodate our requests. The friendly staff is very pleasant to work with.



We are proud to share our resources with the following organizations:

  • Local School District Fundraisers 
  • Oregon Narcotics Enforcement 
  • Perry Institute of Technology 
  • Hospice Education Institute 
  • His Gift Family Racing Team (MS) 
  • Muscular Dystrophy Association 
  • Deschutes County Sheriff's Posse 
  • Oregon Volunteer Fire-Fighters 
  • Family Access Network 
  • Chiefs of Police
  • Deschutes Children's Foundation
  • American Red Cross



We hold memberships in the following professional organizations:

  • Chamber of Commerce of Bend, Oregon
  • National Federation of Independent Business
  • National Conference of Standards Laboratories
  • The International Society for Pharmaceutical Engineering
  • The Instrumentation Systems and Automation Society
  • The Parenteral Drug Association
  • Opportunity Knocks
  • American Society for Quality