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Powers of Automation provides an in-depth approach to compliance consulting for organizations in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, or other manufacturing industry. Whether you require certification for ISO 9001, GMP, or other regulation, Powers of Automation is ​there to help your organization achieve compliance. Powers of Automation also covers Underwriters Laboratories compliance for manufacturers of industrial control panels.


Why Powers of Automation?

Customers have benefitted from our compliance consulting for over ​fifteen years. Our compliance and consulting services provide the expert guidance your organization needs to meet regulatory compliance. We specialize in but are not limited to, life sciences technology, BioTech, and the pharmaceutical industry.

Powers of Automation provides a winning combination of expertise and comprehensive strategy to ensure good manufacturing practices, certification, and quality management.

  • Knowledge - We understand the ins and outs of ISO 9001:2015, GMP compliance, UL control panels, and FDA regulations related to automated systems and data integrity.
  • Experience - Powers of Automation has been assisting companies with certification for more than fifteen years.
  • Professional Audits - Thorough, hands-on audits ensure that your organization will be ready for certification after inspection.
  • Management Systems - Consulting and implementation of quality management systems.
  • Consulting - For GMP compliance, ISO 9001:2015 certification, FDA compliance, and more.

Good Manufacturing Practices can be achieved with the help of our trusted compliance services. We provide a variety of compliance services to assist your company to meet its compliance goals. These include:

  • User Requirements - Prepared documentation for user requirements.
  • Risk Assessments - Intelligent evaluation of products, patients, and data integrity.
  • Asset Management Programs - Designed with regulated companies in mind to prove compliance.
  • Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) Development - Streamlined documentation for standard operating procedures.

Why Use Compliance Consulting?

GMP Compliant
There are many details that go into GMP or related compliance. Every regulation requires special attention. Failure to comply could be a major setback for your company. Powers of Automation understands FDA, GMP, and ISO requirements and how to help your company pass inspections every time. In addition, we can assist your company with quality management or audit your current quality management system.

Why it matters


Make a Difference - Quality control is not only important for staying in compliance but also for building long-term trust in your organization.

Get Results - Risk based compliance services that fit your organization’s needs.

Make it Last - Receive continued support for your quality management system.


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